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We are designers not architects.

We are designers not architects. What’s the difference you may ask? If like most people you depend upon Webster’s for your definition, it would read:


  • Designing of buildings who prepares plans and superintends execution.
  • Designer of ship.
  • (fig) designer


  • Plan or scheme to be carried out; end in view; purpose, intention; contrivance in accordance with a preconceived plan; scheme of attack upon.
  • Preliminary sketch for a work of art; plan for a building, machine, or any composite structure; combination of parts in a whole; general idea, construction, plot, etc; faculty of evolving these; pattern, outline of decoration etc.; V.1 form plan or scheme.

Talk to any of our clients and they will point to the subtle difference between Webster’s definitions.  They note that the definition of “Design” is a far more active, and collaborative process than that referred to in “Architecture”.  After 15 years of hands-on building design, who are we to disagree with Webster or our clients?!

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